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SOC Agricole de Bologne SA since 1654 Guadeloupe

Nestled between the mountain that rises up the middle of Basse Terre and the Caribbean Sea, the Bologne distillery originally used water power to crush the sugar cane to make sugar and alcohol. Today a steam engine powered by burning bagasse crushes tons of cane each day during the first six or seven months of the year.

After fermentation, copper Savalle stills distill the fermented juice into the rhum agricole which is then rested and bottled or aged in French oak barrels.

There are 2 products from SOC Agricole de Bologne SA

Item No. ABV Volume Case UPC
Bologne Blanc 50% ABV 6L 50% 1000 6 3305108971007
Bologne Vieux 42% ABV 6L 42% 1000 6 3305100000279