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Petite Shrubb - distilled by Petite Canne - Martinique French West Indies

For centuries, locals have spiced and flavored rum in the Caribbean. On Martinique, Shrubb (local orange liqueur spelled 'bb' and made without any vinegar) is considered one of the prized drinks in almost every household.

We start with La Favorite rhum agricole straight from the still and add locally grown orange peels. After macerating until the rhum just starts to take on a bitter note, the orange peeels are removed and filtered water is added slowly until the alcohol has been diluted to about 40% ABV. After the most significant part of dilution has been completed, a sugar and water mixture is added to further reduce the ABV to 35% for bottling. This is the same sugar used to make Petite Canne Sugar Cane Syrup.

There are no spices or caramel coloring added to this product letting the rhum agricole preform its magic and deliver a round mouthfeel and longer finish than found in any other orange liqueur. Sip Petite Shrubb straight, over ice, or in cocktails. Shrubb will add an orange component to confection icing and desserts.

Petite Shrubb is also finding favor as an ingredient in margaritas and other cocktails that call for orange liqueur.

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Item ABV Volume Case UPC
P-SHB-12 35% 1 L 12 854697002034

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